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Intensive Wash, Paint Sealant & Complete Interior Deep Cleaning Services

Full Paint Correction

Restore Gloss to Your Vehicle with Wet Sanding, Heavy Compounding & Polishing

Ceramic Coatings

We Are a Accredited System X® Ceramic Protection Installation

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Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

The Best Steam Cleaning Service!

We use the best equipment to steam clean your exterior and vacuum shampoo your interior. We use the Fortador Volt Electra steam cleaner by Lamborghini. If you are looking for a superior interior cleaning service, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Instagram photos for our quality of work.

Full Paint Correction

Full Paint Correction

Restore Gloss to Your Vehicle

 Paint correction is the leveling of clear coat or paint to a point where all the paint is free of swirl marks and scratches. This involved wet sanding, heavy compounding & polishing to bring gloss back to the vehicle for a mirror-like finish.We offer a full paint correction that will remove 95 % of the paint defects. 

Aircraft Detailing

Aircraft Detailing

Professional Aircraft Detailing

We provide detail services for private airplanes or other light aircraft. Safety is a great reason to detail your airplane often, for instance dirty buttons could stick or other parts of the interior may not function as expected. Exterior ceramic coating not only makes an airplane shine, it also protects paint from damage. Also the coating reduces the surface tension which improves aerodynamics, resulting in fuel cost savings.

Marine Detailing

Marine Detailing

Professional Marine Detailing

We provide detail services for boats of all types and sizes.  Safety is a great reason to detail your boat often, for instance dirty buttons could stick or other parts of the interior may not function as expected.  Exterior wax not only makes your boat shine on the water, but it also protects paint from damage or corrosion. The wax coating exhibits outstanding resistance to salt water, friction and solvents, which is a great way to protect your investment. We use System X to preserve the fiberglass and painted areas of your boat or yacht. System X acts as a clear coat, which provides protection against the elements, including salt water, minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain and UV rays.

Window Tint Installation

Window Tint Installation

Professional Window Tint Installation Services

We not only detail cars, boats and aircraft, but we also install window tint! Window tint is a great option for added privacy, U/V protection & heat reduction in the hot summer months. We install on-site for any type of vehicle.  We offer ceramic and non-ceramic window tint films. 

Ceramic Coatings

About System X Ceramic Protection

Element 119’s origin began in Connecticut back in 2010 as a specialty coating R&D company specializing in the aerospace industry. Coatings were developed for the likes of Sikorsky, Bombardier, as well as predominant airlines internationally.Clients of this caliber demanded cutting edge innovations for the unique challenges they faced, which we were sure to deliver. One of these challenges was Sikorsky’s requirement for an easy to clean, hand-applied coating to protect paintwork around helicopter exhaust ports. All other solutions would melt off during the first flight, leaving the paint to become fouled by the exhaust. We were asked to create a coating that would withstand temps in excess of 1000 degrees while adding gloss and long term protection in the harshest environments. System X® was developed for this purpose and performed well beyond expectations. Ten+ years and billions of dollars in protected vehicles later Element 119 is now represented in 50+ countries and counting. We owe our success to our close relationships with System X® distribution and installation partners. We remain true to our mission, focused on delivering the best, most efficient, longest-lasting coating technology on the planet. All of our ceramic coatings are manufactured at our facility in Thomaston, CT USA to the absolute highest quality standards. MADE IN THE USA 



Ceramic Coating Services Include:

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